Stacy Scopano

VP of Innovation
Skanska Corp.

The Economics of Connection in a Smart City Movement

For many, the concepts of Smart Cities continue to be an abstract and for good reasons.  Neither “Smart” nor “Cities” are uniformly understood concepts either.  Can we apply some foundational principles to better understand the emerging Smart Cities Economy and our collective roles in it?  PRESENTATION DISCLAIMER:  Stacy will do everything he can to avoid enlightening the audience and rather raise more questions.

About Stacy

Stacy Scopano is the Vice President of Innovation at Skanska USA Inc. He is responsible for developing a companywide culture of open innovation, while facilitating various research and development efforts. Prior to Skanska, Stacy was the Sr. Strategist for Building Construction at Autodesk, Inc. where he partnered with the global construction community to identify, develop, and deliver innovative digital workflows. He has served as a past Chairman of Technology for the AGC BIMForum and was a former board member of the National Institute of Building Sciences Offsite Construction Council. Currently he sits on the advisory board of Smartcityworks.IO, an incubator and accelerator focused on disruptive startups in the built environment.