Raj Devi

Founder & CEO

Not Just Smarter Cities – Safer Cities

As new physical infrastructure is built across the US, adding digital capabilities connected with increasingly powerful 5G and LTE networks into the planning and roll out creates unprecedented opportunities to connect people – and things – making our cities safer. With the ongoing threats of terrorism, a record number of active shooters in schools, attacks in public venues, and increasing requirements to ensure freedoms when people come together to celebrate or protest, government leaders are seeking out new ways to monitor and manage communities in often invisible but powerful ways. In this talk, Bita Milanian, SVP Global Market for Ribbon Communications and Raj Devi, Co-founder and CEO Chenoa Information Systems, will share a vision for the powerful combination of cameras, sensors and the physical assets they are connected to and real time communications, securely connecting local, state and federal agencies, first responders, hospitals, schools, public transportation systems and hubs, parks, stadiums, auditoriums and any place people with to gather and enjoy their freedoms without fear.

About Raj

Raj Devi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chenoa. His strategic vision, innovative leadership and experience has driven the growth and expansion of Chenoa in the US and India. Before founding Chenoa, Raj was Vice President at AIG, leading technology and operations teams implementing global insurance business solutions. Prior to AIG, Raj directed sales force automation and portfolio management initiatives at Prudential Investments. Over the last twenty years, he has been involved in designing and developing enterprise class systems for financial, insurance and other industry verticals. A serial entrepreneur, he is also a co-founder in Essato Health Inc, a provider facing Patient Engagement platform, and a board member in HR Acuity Inc, an industry leading SaaS based HR issue management solution. Raj earned his MBA in Information Technology, State University of New York and a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Bombay, India.