Phil Horvitz

AECOM Management Services

Panel: Protecting Smart Infrastructure – Data and Cyber-security at the intersection of digital and physical infrastructure

It will then address issues surrounding the protection of both connected infrastructure technologies and the data they generate.

About Phil

Phil is Chief Technology Officer for AECOM Management Services (MS) and leads the Advanced Technology Office. As CTO, he is responsible for creating the technology vision and offerings aligned with MS’s strategic growth objectives. Phil leads MS in the development of innovative technology offerings including advanced Data Analytics platforms, AI and Machine Learning, IoT and Sensor Networks, and Cloud. Phil is the Innovation and Digital Transformation lead for MS and works in close collaboration with both AECOM Ventures and DT initiatives to drive technology innovation and thought leadership to our customers.

Prior to AECOM, Phil was a successful entrepreneur as CEO of General Data Systems, a system integrator specializing in the design of large-scale mission-critical systems. His ongoing work led to a 30-year partnership with the Department of State, playing a vital role in creating the nationally deployed platforms, biometrics, and enhanced security of the United States Passport. Through a private equity investment, Phil’s company became a founding partner of Apptis, a technology provider acquired by URS/AECOM.