Matthew Eggers

VP of Cybersecurity Policy in the Cyber, Intelligence, and Security Division
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Cybersecurity Smackdown on IoT and Smart Infrastructure

Public and private entities across industries and geographies are besieged by talented, well-funded and efficient cyber-attackers who are accelerating at an unprecedented pace – with tactics and tools that seemingly change from day-to-day.  The attackers are not just after your data.  They want to disrupt, disconnect, confuse, humiliate, and even make political statements.

The rise of IoT and smart infrastructure brings tremendous promise of innovation, but also presents an even broader attack surface for hackers to exploit.  Is it a folly to believe that we can ever beat the bad guys?  Is there any hope that we might get ahead of them?  Join us for a discussion about the evolving nature of cyber risk and how the IoT/Infrastructure ecosystem can begin to manage it.

About Rob

Matthew J. Eggers is vice president of cybersecurity policy in the Cyber, Intelligence, and Security division at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Eggers also leads the Chamber’s Cybersecurity Working Group, which focuses on developing and advocating the Chamber’s cyber policies before Congress, the administration, and the business community.

He handles homeland and national security issues, such as cybersecurity, chemical security, and pandemics, on behalf of the Chamber’s approximately 200 National Security Task Force members.

Eggers guides the Protecting America’s Cyber Networks Coalition, a partnership of 50 leading business associations representing nearly every sector of the U.S. economy, on policy development and media outreach. In the 114th Congress, the Chamber led industry’s efforts to pass cybersecurity information-sharing legislation—the top cyber policy priority of the coalition.

In 2015, Eggers was chosen by The Christian Science Monitor to be a Passcode Influencer, the Monitor’s section covering news and ideas about cybersecurity and digital privacy. In addition, he testifies before Congress regarding industry’s perspectives on cybersecurity legislation.

Eggers is the author of Internet Security Essentials for Business 2.0, a Chamber publication to help business owners, managers, and employees adopt effective cybersecurity practices to reduce network weaknesses and make the price of hacking increasingly steep for their adversaries. He and Chamber colleagues are spearheading an education and awareness campaign—Improving Today, Protecting Tomorrow™—to help businesses start a cybersecurity program or improve an existing one. Eggers wrote It’s Not Flu as Usual: An H1N1 Business Preparedness Guide.

Before joining the Chamber in 2007, Eggers was director of public policy at B&D Consulting (now FaegreBD Consulting), a government affairs firm. For nearly a decade, he developed and executed legislative and appropriations initiatives for clients. Earlier in his career, he worked on Capitol Hill for House members on the Appropriations and Homeland Security committees.