Matt Hoffman

VP, Innovation
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

How to Design Smarter Infrastructure for Our New World

We are still planning for and designing infrastructure the way we designed them 30, 100, 500 years ago. Yet, the world around us is rapidly evolving. Our everyday life is changing with embedded digital capabilities, decision support tools, and new business models – the big 12 game changers. What are some of the considerations for better, smarter infrastructure and how will that benefit modern society?

About Matt

Matt Hoffman directs Enterprise’s efforts to remain on the leading edge of delivering new products, programs, and policies to address the challenges facing the affordable housing and community development industry. His responsibilities include fostering a culture of innovation at Enterprise, providing research and development capacities to evaluate ideas that are advanced by employees and partners, providing business planning structure and discipline to the exploration of innovations, evaluating outcomes, and taking successful innovations to scale.

Matt joined Enterprise in 2008 after spending five years developing residential and commercial real estate in downtown Baltimore at a firm he co-founded. Prior to that, he spent seven years working with senior executives in the public and private sectors addressing business and policy issues critical to their organizations. After serving as a policy advisor to U.S. Secretary of Commerce William Daley and directing the U.S. Secretariat for Electronic Commerce, Matt directed a trade association of the chief technology officers from the country’s largest computer technology companies (including IBM, HP, Dell and Intel) and advised start-up companies on business and policy issues as the vice president of e-commerce for Infotech Strategies, Inc. Matt was a founding executive and vice president for strategy and business development at BeyondGuide, a cell phone content company that developed interactive audio tours of the world’s greatest cities delivered to a user’s cell phone. Before attending graduate school, Matt taught elementary school in southern California and worked for the Council of Chief State School Officers on technology policy issues.

He graduated with degrees in public policy from Brown University in 1991 and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in 1996.