Delia Smith

VP Marketing
Dispersive Technologies

The Multi-Dimensional Nature Of Security And Its Relevancy To Urban Resiliency

Cities are inherently complex and adaptive. Each has its own organization, dynamics, and massively interconnected networks that span social and physical infrastructures. By using information technology to connect this infrastructure with services and stakeholders, cities can improve the quality of urban life, reduce resource consumption, and make government more accountable. However, in a hyper-connected world, cyber risks must be addressed. During this session, Ms. Smith will describe a multi-dimensional security framework to realize the vision of a resilient city.

About Delia

Delia J. Smith is a design-centric innovator and marketer working at the intersection of technology and natural systems. A 2012 US Forest Service Sustainability Science Fellow, co-author of 9 US patents and author of numerous peer-reviewed publications, Ms. Smith’s career has taken her to four continents, where she worked to improve local infrastructure and create economic opportunity. Ms. Smith holds an M.L.Arch with a concentration in ecological restoration, an MBA in Finance and International Business, a BA in Politics with minors in Mathematics and Psychology and several professional certificates. Ms. Smith currently serves as Vice President of Marketing for Dispersive Technologies, a company working to improve the security, resiliency and performance of the Internet.

Other Articles

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