Biju George

Chief Operating Officer
DC Water

How to Design Smarter Infrastructure for Our New World

We are still planning for and designing infrastructure the way we designed them 30, 100, 500 years ago. Yet, the world around us is rapidly evolving. Our everyday life is changing with embedded digital capabilities, decision support tools, and new business models – the big 12 game changers. What are some of the considerations for better, smarter infrastructure and how will that benefit modern society?

About Biju

Biju George is Chief Operating Officer for DC Water. In this role, he is responsible for the performance management of all operations. He participates in the implementation of the Authority’s strategic plan and works with the Chief Financial Officer in overseeing the development of operating budgets and operating policies. Additionally, Mr. George reviews divisions’ operational and financial performance and meets with department heads to discuss the feasibility of strategic initiatives. Mr. George represents the Authority at Board of Directors’ meetings, congressional meetings and meetings with the general public as needed. He also assists the General Manager in developing and implementing the Authority’s business plans. Mr. George has more than 30 years of diversified technical and management experience.