Anthony Kim

Global Co-chair, Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation

Cybersecurity Smackdown on IoT and Smart Infrastructure

Public and private entities across industries and geographies are besieged by talented, well-funded and efficient cyber-attackers who are accelerating at an unprecedented pace – with tactics and tools that seemingly change from day-to-day. The attackers are not just after your data. They want to disrupt, disconnect, confuse, humiliate, and even make political statements. The rise of IoT and smart infrastructure brings tremendous promise of innovation, but also presents an even broader attack surface for hackers to exploit. Is it a folly to believe that we can ever beat the bad guys? Is there any hope that we might get ahead of them? Join us for a discussion about the evolving nature of cyber risk and how the IoT/Infrastructure ecosystem can begin to manage it.

About Antony

Anthony (Tony) Kim is the founder and Global Co-chair of Orrick’s internationally recognized Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation practice, which pursues “an aggressive yet practical approach” to data protection and innovation that “meets the needs of both in-house counsel and tech-savvy business clients.”

When faced with a cybersecurity crisis, companies call on Tony to help navigate critical legal, risk and reputational landmines. Tony has helped clients respond to hundreds of cyberattacks and data breaches. He has directed forensic investigations, cross-border notifications, and defended against enforcement actions and civil litigation, in connection with incidents involving the personal information of employees and customers, including PCI/payment card data, as well as proprietary data and corporate trade secrets, and on behalf of private and public companies as well as governmental entities.

Tony has defended over fifty clients in regulatory investigations conducted by the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorneys General into cybersecurity, data privacy, and consumer issues around e-commerce and innovative data use-cases.  In his counseling capacity, Tony works on proactive cyber resiliency, governance, and regulatory compliance programs across a host of security, privacy, and data “life cycle” issues.